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Destination Controls:

Elevate the efficiency of your current elevator system and move people smarter.

Design Center:

Customize the graphic interface of your Destination Control terminals for a richer user experience.

Security Access:

Heighten a new or existing security system with our adaptable, turnkey solutions.

Management Center:

Remotely manage the performance of your transportation assets to forecast for the future.

Introducing AGILE

An innovative family of elevator enhancers that are designed to make your elevators and escalators more intelligent and efficient.This solution has four elements that can help you improve traffic flow and elevator performance, enhance aesthetics, and much more.

Destination Controls

Transporting passengers has never been this intuitive and efficient. Unlike traditional operations, a destination is chosen at the AGILE Terminal on the landing. The intelligent dispatching software analyzes the request, gauges traffic demand and groups passengers based on similarity of destinations. This concept is based on the well-known Destination Selection Control (DSC) technology.

Add this highly adaptable solution to your new or existing elevator systems and provide tenants with shorter ride times, fewer stops and less congestion.

  • Dedicate elevators to specific high-traffic areas at designated times
  • Include building-specific, optimized system design
  • Customizable features to match the specific needs of your building, e.g. Private and priority elevator service for select tenants
  • Choice of terminals and pedestals to complement the building aesthetic

How AGILE - Destination Controls work to orchestrate movement efficiently

Step 1

Passengers use the terminal to select their destination.

Step 2

AGILE clearly directs each passenger to an assigned elevator.

Step 3

Passengers board the assigned elevator that transports them to their destination.

Design Center

Customize the graphics and settings on your AGILE Terminals to reflect your brand identity. With our Design Center, it’s easier than ever to design user-friendly touchscreens that help elevator passengers find their destination.

  • Choose from pre-loaded backgrounds and colors
  • Upload and display personalized images and messages
  • Maintain brand consistency that matches your building
  • Customize only a selection of AGILE Terminals or all at the same time
  • Make changes on a PC or remotely via handheld devices

Security Access

Whether you integrate AGILE – Security Access with an existing security system or use it independently, this flexible, economical solution can be easily integrated for high-end access control. You can connect it to building management systems provided by others or use the TK Elevator stand-alone lift-access-control-system.

  • Integrate easily with existing security system and use current wiring
  • Control security on turnstiles and elevators
  • Create and edit passenger profiles and set different permission levels to achieve your desired level of security access
  • Standard card reader to grant access or activate special functions of AGILE - Destination Controls

Management Center

Optimize performance and adapt to tenant demands. From any single location in your building, you can use this intelligent tool to respond to immediate demands. You can also access past data to forecast future needs and make smarter decisions for elevator and escalator operations.

  • Determine trends, for example by monitoring peak travel and wait times
  • Optimally control passenger flow by enabling and disabling access to certain floors
  • Schedule how many elevators go to a specific floor, and for how long
  • Analyze performance statistics to make smart decisions that best benefit users and building operations

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